Code Igniter is powerful and open supply internet applications, that is that the one in the entire foremost well-liked PHP framework. It includes a content management system that helps in making price economical PHP solutions. Code Igniter Development helps do additional simply and an improved manner, you’ll be able to produce code which can be easier to browse and write you’ll be able to conjointly save time, build your internet safer and strong through CodeIgniter PHP Development. CodeIgniter is free, light-weight, and easy to put in. PHP is AN open supply server facet scripting and programing language permits simple insertion in hypertext mark-up language code and info property to MYSQL and PgSQL Databases.

Code Igniter would be best suited if:

•             You want to make a framework with a small footprint

•             You need outstanding presentation of performance

•             I case you need intensive compatibility once coping with regular hosting accounts that manage completely different PHP versions in addition as configurations

•             You would like a particular framework that may operate with virtually zero configurations

•             You want to make a framework which might operate while not the employment of a instruction

•             You need a framework which can not limit you to operating with specific secret writing rules

•             You want to try to away and g on along with your project while not victimization any restrictive libraries like PEAR

•             You do not want to review a templating language (but, you’ll be able to build learn and build use of a guide program if you thus wish)

•             You need comprehendible, systematic documentation

Similarities between code igniter and cakephp:

These 2 are samples of MVC and may be compared with regard to strengths and weaknesses. to start with code igniter and cake php are terribly similar in however they affect variety of things which might embrace PHP4 support. The mention of 1 of those internet programming languages will certainly cause the mention of the opposite. There similarity conjointly comes in their arrange to construct MVC design since they each take apart the model from the controller and eventually from the read that is what’s seen by the viewer.

They are each acknowledged to create use of routing that involves taking a URL and mapping it to a precise task within a controller. With regard to regular expressions support for routing, code igniter and cake php are each change to try to perform this operates. Each of those programming languages support staging that is best represented as a computerized manner of making a read supported a such model. Though this operate is typically reserved for fewer difficult prototyping, code igniter goes a breakthrough by inputting a keyword within the URL which can assist in accessing the staging. This but is facultative since some individuals work on personal comes not meant for the general public, so creating use of a keyword would merely be a trouble and would be of no use.


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